The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Course That Teaches You How To Research, Rank, and Profit With An Authority YouTube Channel!

What You Will Learn…

Easy to Follow For Beginners! Advanced Strategies As You Learn and Grow!


44+ HQ Videos and Growing
+ LIVE Case Studies (Researching, Ranking & Profiting)
+ Learn How Find Profitable Affiliate Products to Promote
+ Learn How To Bank Big With Launch Jacking
+ Learn How To Rank Videos on YouTube and Google
+ Access to a Custom RSS Submitter Tool
+ Discounted Pricing on YouTube Ranking Services
+ Access To My Keyword Tool
+ Access to my VIP FB Group (where I hang out.. a lot)

Dominate YouTube and Google With Video

In 2019, you can expect video to be more popular than ever.  AffiliateTuber is the ultimate video course that teaches beginners and experienced marketers how to promote products and services on YouTube as an affiliate marketer and earn massive commissions. 

No tricks, no gimmicks, just real strategies!

Have you ever wondered why so many people spend hours creating videos for YouTube?
Perhaps it seems like many of them are wasting their time, but they are actually making a ton of money by doing this!

There is an incredibly powerful way to make money with affiliate marketing by unleashing the viral power of YouTube. We are talking about a method that allows millions of people worldwide to earn side income and thousands are making full-time income doing this.

You may be asking how it works and what are they doing. This is the reason why you are here right now. You want to know how and you want to know if you could be doing this too… the answer is YES!

You could be doing this too and I will share the exact strategies I use now after many years of trial and error!

I worked hard and spent a fortune learning how to make proper use of online marketing strategies. Eventually, I found that nothing came close to YouTube affiliate marketing. I was able to see incredible results from my investments. This led to some amazing discoveries that allowed me to quit my job and do this full-time.


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8 HD videos explaining how to do research for keywords, products, niches and types of videos to make.

Videos In This Series

Using Google Trends
Keyword Research
Types of Videos to Make
Understaning Buyer Intent
Health Related Videos
Finding Products to Promote
Launch Jacking Products
Ways to Make Videos


6 HD videos explaining how to set up your YouTube channel with proper default settings.

Videos In This Series

Planning Your Channel
Signing Up For YouTube
Verify Your Channel
Setting Up Your Channel
Default YouTube Settings
Adding a Channel Trailer


6 HD videos showing you how to build your YouTube channels authority.

Videos In This Series

Setting Up Facebook Page
Setting Up Twitter Page
Setting Up Tumblr Page
Setting Up IFTTT Network
Commenting For Authority
Quora For Authority


7 HD videos detailing how to optimize videos and showing full process of uploads.

Videos In This Series

YouTube Title Importance
Video Optimization
YouTube Understands Thumbnails
Creating Thumbnails
Uploading Video #1
Uploading Video #2
Uploading Video #3


5 HD videos that show you exactly how to rank videos in both YouTube and Google.

Videos In This Series

Ranking Videos in Google & YT
Ranking in Google Case Study
YouTube Ranking Factors
Transcribing Your Videos
Tracking Your Rankings
Link Cloaking With WordPress
301 Affiliate Link Redirect


Highly effective but risky methods for ranking videos in YouTube and Google.

Videos In This Series

Ranking in Google
Ranking in YouTube


5 HD videos showing from beginning to end how to rank videos in both Google and YouTube. Watch as I make over $428 in just 3 days on JVZoo. Watch as I earn affiliate commissions within only a few days from uploading a Amazon video and much more!

- LIVE Case Studies -

MEGA Launch Jacking Case Study - (Ranked #1 against 1,750+ affiliates)
Clickbank Product Case Study - (Ranked #1 product from Clickbank #1 in YouTube)
Amazon Black Friday Case Study - (Earned commissions within 3 days)
Amazon Product Case Study (Ranked #1 in 2 Minutes on YouTube)
More coming...


Hey Chris - I am finally making significant money with affiliate marketing with videos, all due to your help. When I met you in February of 2018, I hardly new anything about Video SEO. After going through both of your courses and with your private tutoring, I am finally where I want to be. Making BANK! You have the patience of a Saint! I can’t thank you enough Chris!
Mark Goodman
Chris, thank you for this brilliant Training Course! I purchased it a few days ago and the fact that you have made it so simple to follow with the step-by-step layout makes it very easy to understand for a complete ‘newby’ like me. Your extensive experience with Youtube is so evident in the training and your attention to detail explains the steps in depth, which makes it really easy to follow. Youtube is amazing and together with your course, it’s powerful for my affiliate marketing work! Thank you for the awesome course that I know I will use for years to come!
Ros Burton
I've been in doing video marketing since 2013. Some techniques are still the same and some have changed dramatically. Chris's course not only teaches you the fundamentals but advanced techniques as well - perfect for the beginner or the advanced internet marketer. In addition, the course is well thought out and organized with real world examples and no fluff. Worth every penny and highly recommended!
Jason Kline

In this video series, I will show you exactly what I do every day to earn a 6 figure year income affiliate marketing on YouTube. 


  • Research Trending Niches & Keywords
  • Create High Converting Affiliate Videos
  • Create and Set Up An Authority YouTube Channel
  • Build Authority To Your Channel and Videos
  • Create YouTube Thumbnails That Won't Get Your Videos Blocked
  • Properly Optimize Your Videos For Maximum Rankings
  • Rank Your Videos In Both YouTube and Google
  • Cloak and 301 Redirect Your Affiliate Links

If you order today, I'll throw in my case study videos!  After teaching you all the steps, you can watch my case studies to see them all being put into action as I research, optimize, rank and profit!


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What you will learn with AffiliateTuber is the exact method that has earned me commissions like these over and over again since 2013!


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